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 Indonesia has possibly some of the most perfect waves on this planet and the Mentawai Islands in Western Sumatra get so perfect at times that you may just have to pinch yourself, so you can check if your dreaming.

 Many who have traveled and surfed this region return time and time again, reason being the wave quality is just that good!

Just imagine touring around these majestic Islands in a 65ft ocean going sloop with a crew that has a collective experience of over 1 decade surfing Indonesia and the Islands that produce these surf havens.

Navistar Surf surf charters comes with a highly skilled Australian captain who is a surfer himself and his goal is to get you to the best waves on the day at the quickest time possible.  Lets not forget, the mission is to also find waves with the least surfers in the water, so you can have more than just a dream surf experience.

We invite you to look around our website to find out more information.

After that make sure you give us a call to book your surf adventure of a lifetime in Western Sumatra on the Mentawai chain, believe me, after you experience this you will never forget and will capture memories that almost have to be seen to be believed.

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