Do I need to take malaria medication

Generally speaking..we the crew do not take malaria medication and have not had or heard of any guests getting malaria from staying just on a boat. It is only when guests go on land at night that problems may arise. It is entirely up to you and for added protection by all means take the medication.


Should I bring seasickness medication

If you have never been on a boat before I recommend that you bring seasickness medication as it is better to have it than not at all. Most guests if they do get seasick is in the first couple (mainly the first night) days and then end up ok. Any guests that do bring medication are advised to take it before arriving in the Navistar


Medical Kit

Should any guest be injured we have a full medical kit including stitching kits and lidocaine in case of injury



If in the case of accident or injury we have the abovementioned medical kit or if the injury is more serious, there is a sat phone in which we can contact an emergency first responder that can get you back to padang. Or we can take you back to padang if necessary


Medical Insurance

It is a requirement on boarding the vessel that you have up to date “Travel Medical Insurance” of which we require the number in case anything happens



From the moment you land to the time that you board the plane to leave we take care of your transfers. Once you reach padang and you are waiting for the board the vessel we can arrange a driver should you wish to go anywhere (at the guests cost)


Deposits are non-refundable and not transferable. Cancellation of the trip on full amount paid is as follows
0-14 days before departure – Not refundable
14-42 days before departure – 1/2 price refund (unless there is a guest to fill in the space)
42+ days before departure – full amount minus deposit


How boards should I bring

Entirely up to you, but generally 3 do the trick..standard short board..a step up board 6’5 or 6’6 and then a gun. Again this entirely up to you the surfer.. bring 1 or 8 boards


Do I need to bring a repair kit

You should bring a small repair kit whether your boards are PU or epoxy. And you will be given assistance for the repair.


What if I snap all my boards

We the capatain has a limited amount of boards on the boat(due to space) and he may sell you one if he is able, or there a few boats out there where you may ask another guest if he can sell one.


How many surfs do I get a day

We have you at a surfbreak first thing in the morning. It all depends on your own fitness surf 1 or five times up to you. However weather permitting we may stay at a break all day or after discussion with all the guests we may move on. This is what we have the speed boat for ,to get you to next break quicker


Is there a different standard of waves

There is a wide variety of waves in Indonesia that suit all levels of surfing. Generally after discussion with the captain/surfguide he will best decide what suits you- the guest. And again this is what the speedboat is for- in case surfers want to surf different wave heaviness


What if there is no surf

Generally speaking..there are very few times that you don’t have a surfable wave. If that is the case we have snorkeling gear, fishing gear(including trolling) and spearguns. We also can go onto land and check out the villages as well


How crowded will it be

During peak period June –August it can be crowded, but our skipper surfguide will do his best to stay away from crowds. We pride ourselves on that. March- May is really pretty good ,with good winds and only slightly less consistent swell and less crowds and then same for September-November. If you do a hit and run in off the off season you are guaranteed no crowds


Who makes the final call on where to surf

Ultimately it is up to you the guests where you want to surf. However it is strongly suggested that you listen to what the skipper/surfguide has to say because he lives and surfs there year round..and it our job to get you the best waves possible


Is there a set run through the islands

Generally not .again it is up to you and a discussion with the skipper


How many days of actual surfing

There are 10 days of actual surfing..unless the charter is for another specified length


Is there a jetski on the boat

Navistar does not have a jetski


Is there a photographer on the boat

Navistar is equipped with a Canon 7D Camera that can shoot stills as well as video. We also have an underwater housing to get up close and personal. Photo’s come at an extra cost to the guest which will be negotiated with the captain.


Do you supply wax

We have wax on the boat but would suggest you bring around 2-3 bars for the charter


Do you sail the Navistar

On the Navistar we use the sails to provide extra speed and or stability. We generally do not turn the engine off while underway unless requested by the guest


Do you supply sunscreen

We will have some sunscreen on the boat..but again urge you to bring your own as well as some zinc for extra protection. As well as some moisturizer for when you get burnt


Should I bring a towel



How many beers are included and can I buy more

Included in the price is 3 beers a day..extra beer is available to be purchased before the charter leaves. The cost is around 32-35 dollars depending on exchange rate. Beer can be bought in the islands but is generally expensive and not always available


Can I bring my own alcohol

Yes you can bring your own alcohol. It is advised to let us know if you need mixers e.g tonic water or soda water as we need some notice to make sure it is onboard for you.


If I don’t drink beer is there anything else

Navistar has a wide range of beverages including coke, sprite, juices etc all at no cost extra


How much money should I bring on the boat

Entirely up to you, but guests do like to buy mentawai artifacts and art. So would suggest bring 1-2 million rupiah on the boat


Do I need to tip the crew

Again up to you..generally the crew get tipped roughly $50 per person but again tipping is up to each individual guest.



There is a satellite phone for the guests to use and it costs $5 a minute. There is also a lot of cellphone reception around the islands now. Ask your captain when and where we will get reception.



Navistar has two tv’s and dvd players and a hard drive with hundreds of movies for you to watch (surf movies included) There is no xbox or the like on the vessel. Generally just before or after dinner the guests will sit down and have a few beers and watch the images of the days events.


If a girlfriend accompanies is there any activities for her

For a non surfing girlfriend there are activities for her..some that have been mentioned in previous faq’s eg snorkeling or fishing, looking through villages. And if she is a surfer all consideration will be taken in with her competence level to ensure she gets waves.


Do you cater for vegetarians

Yes however we do need prior notice about dietary requirements


What is the distance between breaks

Anywhere from 5 minutes, 30 minutes to overnight. We utilize the speedboat as much as possible(and when it is safe e.g bad weather) to get you there as fast as possible.


How do we use the speedboat

Just ask your captain..


How many toilets

There is one main shower and head(toilet) on the Navistar with another wash off shower on the back duckboard, which a lot of guests use as their normal shower as well.


Can I do 2 charters back to back

Unless the Navistar is fully booked there would be no problems doing 2 charters in a row

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