Siberut is the largest and northernmost of the Mentawai Islands, lying 150 kilometres west of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. A part of Indonesia, the island is the most important home for the Mentawai people. The western half of the island was set aside as the Siberut National Park in 1993. Much of the island is covered with rainforest, but is subject to commercial logging.


Siberut Island has a hot and humid tropical rainforest climate, with an annual rainfall of 4,000 mm. Temperatures range from 22 to 31 °C, and humidity averages 81-85%. The east coast has many islets, bays and coral reefs, and is covered with mangrove forest extending up to 2 km wide before giving way to nipah forest. The west coast features mainly Barringtonia forests and is difficult to get to because of rough seas and steep cliffs. The hilly interior elevates to 384 metres, with many streams eventually forming rivers in the sago-grove lowlands and swamp forests.


Siberut has a cluster of tiny islands on its southern end featuring some of the world’s best surfing breaks. Further south are the other large Mentawai Islands Sipura, North Pagai, South Pagai.

Siberut Surfing Breaks

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Pit Stops Rifles
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